Historic district ghost tour


Maryland's Oldest Operating Ghost Tour!

Take a Remarkable Journey through Frederick’s Gruesome and Bloody Past.  Nearly 300 Years of War, Executions and Revenge. True Documented Stories of the “Paranormal” with “Maryland’s Oldest Operating Ghost Tour."

Uncover Politically Savvy and Defiant Citizens, Patriots from the Revolutionary War,  Beckoning Soldiers from the Civil War, and so much more!

Historic Frederick - Where The Dead Come Out To Play!

  • Visit Court House Square - the "Execution Site" of British Sympathizers, learn about their Fate, and the "Curse" that continues to Resonate.

  • Visit the "Spiritual Playground" of Dead Children whose lives were cut short by Unmerciful Disease and Suffering.

  • Unravel the Mystery surrounding a Mysterious Man in Black Executed in 1781 for his Loyalty to King George III.

  • Find out the “Devilish Plan” of a“Spiteful” Owner of an 1814 Mansion and why his "Spiritual Discharge" Remains.

  • Contemplate the Reasons why Frederick’s Famed Barbara Fritchie Continues to Guard her Home from Invading Confederate Soldiers 158 Years After her Death.

  • Discover why Former Stage Hands, Actors, and Members of the Audience Refuse to be Removed from their Prized Seats at Frederick’s Historic Tivoli Theater.

  • Ponder the Events taking place at a Private Residence, Now Home to Two Families -  One Living, One Dead.

  • Discover the House where History, Slavery, and Servitude Linger.

  • Be Flabbergasted by what is Transpiring within a Former Embalming Site of the Dead from the Civil War - now home to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

  • Plus Countless Other True,  Documented Stories of the DEAD!    

Tours are 90-Minutes in Length and Leisurely Cover 1.2 miles.


Not Recommended for Younger Children. 

Still Cameras and Flashlights Permitted. No Video or Audio Recording Allowed. 


All Stories are "Copyrighted" and are the Sole Property of  "Maryland Heritage Tours."

 Reservations can be made beginning the MONDAY BEFORE your "Preferred Scheduled Tour."   

Maryland's most Haunted City!

Civil War Soldiers

Pestilence and Disease

Civil War Soldiers


During the Civil War, Frederick County bore witness to three Confederate invasions, thirty-eight skirmishes and two major battles. 

Embalming The Dead

Pestilence and Disease

Civil War Soldiers


The National Museum of Civil War Medicine was once used as a Federal Embalming Station after the epic Battles of South Mountain and Antietam.

Pestilence and Disease

Pestilence and Disease

Pestilence and Disease


A Cholera Epidemic  ravaged the city in the fall of 1832. So many people died, undertakers could barely keep up with the demand for coffins. 

Battlefield Slaughter

Executions and Revenge

Pestilence and Disease


Gettysburg, Antietam, South Mountain, Harpers Ferry and Monocacy. Over 80,000 casualties would occur within 35 miles from the city of Frederick. 

Executions and Revenge

Executions and Revenge

Executions and Revenge


Frederick’s first public execution occurred in 1749. Defendant John Murphy was Tried, Convicted and Hanged all in the same day. 

Historic Figures

Executions and Revenge

Executions and Revenge


George Washington, Benjamin Franklin,  Francis Scott Key, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee and a host of others lived or visited this historic town.


National Museum of Civil War Medicine