Visit The Graves!

Discover Frederick’s Past as  we Navigate through the Labyrinth of Graves, Crypts and Monuments of Historic Mount Olivet Cemetery – one of Maryland’s Largest  and most Beautiful Cemeteries.

Master Storytellers Dressed in Period Attire lead visitors on a 90-Minute Excursion through Mount Olivet’s Hallowed Grounds to pay Respect to some of Maryland’s Most Famous and Noteworthy Figures.

Over 40,000 Inhabitants, with over 40,000 Intriguing Stories,  in "Frederick's City Within A City!" 

Tour Highlights Include:

  •  Visit the Final Resting Place of Francis Scott Key - Author of our National Anthem: "The Star Spangled Banner," (1779-1843).

  • Maryland's first Governor and Delegate to the Continental Congress - Thomas Johnson, (1732-1819). 

  • Civil War Heroine and Union Patriot: Barbara Fritchie, (1766-1862).

  • Brave Patriotic Soldiers from the Revolutionary War and War of 1812, plus other notable Figures from Maryland's Rich and Historic Past.

  • Thousands of Union and Confederate Soldiers and Veterans from the Local Battles of Gettysburg, Antietam, South Mountain and Monocacy.  

  • Learn about the Bizarre History of Grave Robbing in Maryland - Past and Present.

  • Unravel the Mystery behind Secret Mass Graves, Crypts, and Tombs.

  • Unlawful Nighttime Burials and Brutal Murder.

  • Unearth Little Known Facts about the Cemetery's Early Beginnings.

  • Tombstone Design and Evolution over the Centuries.

  • A Visit to the Historic "Key Memorial Chapel."

  • Plus other Intriguing Tales from Mount Olivet's Endless Crypt of Unforgettable Narratives.

Tours are 90-Minutes in Length and Leisurely Cover .09 miles.


Not Recommended for Younger Children.

Still Cameras and Flashlights Permitted During Special Evening Tours. No Video or Audio Recording Allowed.


All Stories are "Copyrighted" and the Sole Property of "Maryland  Heritage Tours. "


A Portion of All Proceeds go to the Mount Olivet Cemetery Preservation and Enhancement Fund. 

Reservations can be made beginning the MONDAY BEFORE your "Preferred Scheduled Tour."   

Discover Over 40,000 Intriguing Stories!

Francis Scott Key Gravesite

Francis Scott Key Gravesite

Francis Scott Key Gravesite


The Author of our National Anthem was born and raised in Frederick County Maryland.

Civil War Soldiers

Francis Scott Key Gravesite

Francis Scott Key Gravesite


Thousands of Union and Confederate Soldiers and Veterans are buried in this Historic Cemetery.

Key Memorial Chapel

Francis Scott Key Gravesite

Key Memorial Chapel


Called "Our Hidden Treasure," the Key Memorial Chapel has a unique history all of its own.

Crypts and Tombs

Maryland's First Governor

Key Memorial Chapel


Crypts, Tombs and Secret Mass Graves are found throughout the 150 acres of Hallowed Ground.

Maryland's First Governor

Maryland's First Governor

Maryland's First Governor


Thomas Johnson, Maryland's First Governor, Revolutionary War Patriot and Supreme Court Associate Justice.

Historic Family Plots

Maryland's First Governor

Maryland's First Governor


Centuries Old Historic Family Plots, Decorative Headstone Designs and Intriguing Stories.